Become a WRA member today!

The Washington Racquetball Association is the official state affiliate of the USA Racquetball Association. As a state affiliate, the WRA is chartered with promoting racquetball in our state.

Yearly USAR/WRA membership fee is $50.00. These dues are distributed between the USAR and WRA as follows: $40 of your membership fee goes to the USRA and the remaining $10.00 is kept by the WRA. Membership brings with it many benefits, including:

USAR Benefits:

  1. A one-year subscription to RACQUETBALL Magazine (six bi-monthly issues).
  2. You’ll receive your own copy of the official USAR”Rules of Play” (online).
  3. You will be eligible to play in sanctioned tournaments.
  4. Secondary accident insurance (see USAR website for details).
  5. When you play in sanctioned events, your results will be included in USAR rankings.
  6. You will have access to instructor, coach and referee certification programs.
  7. You will have access to Elite Training opportunities.

WRA Benefits:

  1. Invitations to WRA sanctioned events.
  2. Juniors programs.
  3. First Time Members get a $25 discount on their first Annual USRA membership.

To see more information on USAR benefits, see the benefits section of the USAR Website.

There are two different ways to join the WRA/USAR.

  1. Join online at the USA Racquetball.
  2. Join at any WRA sanctioned tournament.