Minneapolis, Minnesota was the site of the 2014 US Open October 9-12 . This tournament continues to draw the biggest crowd of players with great venues and top notch competition. There were 710 players in this year’s event, and for anyone who thinks of travelling to a national competition, this is one that should not be missed. It is staged in the heart of Minneapolis, with headquarters at the Target Center, home of the NBA Timberwolves. There are always other things happening in the city including (in past years) a marathon, a beer festival, the WNBA playoffs, and lots of lively bars and restaurants. The transit system will take you to museums, art galleries and parks in your spare time. The directors of this event always plan parties and dinners with lots of players enjoying the nightlife. But don’t go without buying your pass to watch the pros play or you’ll miss out on one of the main events of the week. And remember that there are no consolation rounds for most events in National Tournaments, so entering at least two events is wise, if you want to get some playing in! Washington State was represented well this year:

David Boyovich – David ran into some steep competition in Men’s 55+B (25 in the draw) and Men’s C

VonKarl Inman – Tough draw as well in both Men’s 55+B and Men’s B (47 in the draw)

Steve Kowalski – Steve works at this event, as well as playing Mixed A Doubles with Rochelle Kulju

Rochelle Kulju – Played Mixed A/B Doubles with Steve Kowalksi, with the team losing in the quarters, also taking 3rd place in Women’s 35+ Doubles with Tammarian Rogers

Ernie Lehman – Ernie also works at this event and took time out to play Mixed Centurion A/B with Paige Kern.

Tammarrian Rogers – Placed first in Women’s 40+, with the last point of the 11-10 tiebreaker coming with a crack serve! Also placed 3rd in Mixed A’s with Glenn Carlson of Florida, and 3rd with Richelle K.

Honorary Washingtonian Jimmy Lowe once again amazed everyone with his great play in capturing two gold medals at the event in Men’s 50+ and in the prestigious CPRT Mens 40+.

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