12196141_952534838158792_5886850157104520429_n All week this week two of our Washington Juniors, Jake Birnel and Hollie Scott, will be competing at the Junior World Championships in the Dominican Republic as representatives of the USA Junior Racquetball Team!

Sunday, Hollie Scott and Lexi York defeated the Honduras team 15-8, 15-10. Jake Birnel and Sam Bredenbeck defeated the Bolivian Team 15-7, 15-3.

Cheryl Kirk, the USA Junior Racquetball Team Leader, is posting updates on the USA Junior Racquetball Team Facebook page

The International Racquetball Federation (IRF) is also posting updates with photos:

Please comment and wish them luck so they know we’re all rooting for them from Washington State!

Junior National Team

USA Junior National Team

Here is the schedule of events for today, pulled from Cheryl Kirk’s update:

Codes used in matches
G = Girls
B = Boys
Number = age division
S = Singles
D = Doubles
BYE = No match today

With Day One under our belts, Team USA will turn up the heat tomorrow in not 25 but 27 matches. Coaches, put on your running shoes…on your mark…get set…



Jake Birnel

10:30 am — G14S: Briana Jacquet vs. Dominican Republic
10:30 am — G14S: Nikita Chauhan vs. Puerto Rico
11:30 am — G16S: Erika Manilla vs. Colombia
12:15 pm — G18S: Lexi York vs. Costa Rica
12:15 pm — G18S: Brittany Click vs. Costa Rica
12:15 pm — G16S: Jordan Cooperrider vs. Puerto Rico
1:00 pm — B161: Daniel Rojas vs. Korea
2:00 pm — B162: Justus Benson vs. Korea
2:00 pm — B14S: Akul Ramayani vs. Chile
2:00 pm — B14S: Antonio Rojas vs. Chile
2:45 pm — B18S: Sam Bredenbeck vs. Guatemala
3:30 pm — B18S: Daniel Rojas vs. Guatemala
3:30 pm — G14D: Elena Dent/Graciana Wargo vs. Mexico
5:30 pm — G18D: Lexi York/Hollie Scott vs. Canada
6:30 pm — B18D: Sam Bredenbeck/Jake Birnel vs. Ecuador
6:30 pm — B14D: Mitchell Turner/Julian Singh vs. Canada

BYE — B16D: Wayne Antone/Kevin Vazquez
BYE — G16D: Erika Manilla/Jordan Cooperrider



Hollie Scott (left) and Junior National Teammate Erika Manilla (right)

9:00 am — G10S: Heather Mahoney (USA) vs. Raina Hartman (USA)
9:45 am — B10S: Vedant Chauhan vs. Argentina
9:45 am — B10S: Josh Shea vs. Colombia
9:45 am — G12S: Julia Stein vs. Mexico
10:30 am — B12S Red: Tommy Andraos vs. Costa Rica
10:30 am — B12S Red: James D’Ambrogia vs. Ecuador
10:30 am — G10S: Sage Hartman vs. Guatemala
4:30 pm — B12D: Tommy Andraos/James D’Ambrogia vs. Ecuador
4:30 pm — B10D: Vedant Chauhan/Josh Shea vs. Ireland
4:30 pm — G12D: Heather Mahoney/Julia Stein vs. Mexico
4:30 pm — G10D: Raina Hartman/Sage Hartman vs. Guatemala

BYE — B12S: Antonio Rojas
BYE — B12S: Akul Ramayani

Live streaming on Court #2 will be provided on Thursday, November 12th through Friday, November 14th. Tomorrow I’ll include information here on signing up and getting set to watch World Juniors action.



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