Racquets Without Boarders – Part 2 Results
BAC, Bellingham, WA
December 5, 2009
20 State Juniors participated on December 5th in this great junior event, where players from Washington vie for honors with the Juniors of British Columbia, Canada. There were upsets and players new to the tournament scene, with 105 matches scheduled to play on Saturday. The courts in Bellingham were full of players from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. Congratulations to the following award winners:
Boys 18 – 2nd Place Caleb Moore
Boys 16 – 1st Place Triston Guthrie (upsetting Anthony Schonberger in the finals), 2nd Place Jonathan Moore
Boys 14 – 3rd Place Jake Birnel, Consolation Triston Guthrie
Boys 12 – 2nd Place Jake Birnel, Consolation Samuel Spear
Boys 10 – 3rd Place Ryan Penders
Boys 10 2bounce – 2nd Place Jordan Birnel, 3rd Place Nick Birnel, Consolation Ryan Penders
Boys 8 – 2nd Place Nick Birnel, 3rd Place Jett Guthrie
Boys 8 MultiBounce – 1st Place Jett Guthrie, 2nd Place Micah Miller
Girls 18 – 1st Place Brianna Ho, 2nd Place Jessica Munoz
Girls 16 – 1st Place Jessica Munoz
Girls 14 – 2nd Place Madeline Butler, 3rd Place Hollie Scott
Girls 12 – 1st Place Hollie Scott, 2nd Place Brenna Guthrie
Girls 10 – 1st Place Brenna Guthrie, 2nd Place Paige Guthrie
Girls 10 2bounce – 3rd Place Paige Guthrie
Girls 8 Multibounce – 2nd Place Paige DeVries
Boys Sportsmanship Award – Samuel Spear
Girls Sportsmanship Award – Simona Spear

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