It’s OFFICIAL! The Washington Junior Racquetball Association is now a non profit 501(c)3 in the eyes of the State and the IRS!  Great job Wanda!

The Junior Committee has successfully filed for this status, and will now be known as the Washington Junior Racquetball Association. It will remain an integral partner with the Washington Racquetball Association, and will pattern it’s relationship after the Oregon Junior Racquetball Association. It is hoped that this status will allow a wider recognition for junior racquetball in our state and provide a means for donations to be more easily given to help juniors in:

  • Entry fees and travel expenses for juniors for local, state, and national tournaments.
  • Equipment needs for juniors and junior programs in the state
  • Programming and clinics for identified junior groups.
  • Creating High School teams for a State High School League.
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