The new version of the USA Racquetball’s Official Rulebook that goes into effect on September 1, 2013 and covers all USAR sanctioned and non-sanctioned play in the USA. Also included are rule modifications for the IRT, LPRT, WOR, CPRT, NMRA, as well as for Wheelchair, Deaf, and Vision-impaired racquetball play.

This version includes four (4) rule changes approved at the May 2013 meeting of the USAR’s Board of Directors. They are:

1. In USAR-sanctioned events throughout the nation, all divisions (including the “Open” divisions) will play the two-serve game — except for the U.S. National Team Qualifying divisions at the U.S. National Doubles and the U.S. National Singles Championships. See Rules 3.1 and 5.

2. Players must wear shoes and cannot play in socks only or in bare feet. See Rule 2.5(b).

3. Electronic audio devices cannot be worn during play unless they are needed to amplify one’s hearing ability. See Rule 2.5(c).

4. Unintentional “carries” during the rally are allowed and are no longer called. See Rule 3.13(b).

For more information, press here. For a downloadable/printable Rulebook-2013 Version (September 2013), press here.

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