The Olympics were a big deal right this summer, and I’m sure we’ve all spent at least a little bit of time over the past months wondering: “Why isn’t Racquetball in the Olympics?!” I’ve seen tons of posts from players across the country on Facebook asking this question. There are a lot of good points made. Racquetball is an incredible sport that’s intense, physically challenging, and riviting to watch. There have been been a couple online pettitions floating around in email and on Facebook trying to get enough support to get the attention of the Olympic committee.

The answer to this question are addressed by The Racquetball Blog, in an article four years ago appropriately titled Racquetball in the Olympics, and its very simple:

  • Racquetball is primarily played in the Americas (North at the time this article was written, and now in South America), but not widely played elsewhere.

This is the single most limiting factor that is keeping racquetball out of the Olympics. If you want to change that, signing the pettitions linked above might help, but a bigger impact would be finding a way to get racquetball played in more major cities in more continents. We’ve got to establish players in other countries. We’ve got a small foothold in Japan and Korea now, and the sport continues to grow in other countries. It’s just going to take some time.

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