Do you love racquetball? Do you want to make racquetball the best sport in Washington State? The Washington Racquetball Association needs your help! Contact Brian Gillespie at We’re looking for volunteers to help in several key areas:


Tournaments take a lot of support to make them successful. The Tournament Committee sets up sanctioning agreements between the WRA and Tournament Directors, designates a WRA Representative who deals with verifying and updating all WRA membership details at the check-in desk during each tournament and ensures that tournament results get submitted to the USRA so that your USRA Rankings get updated appropriately.


Once of the key functions of the Membership Committee on the WRA Board is to have membership drives to increase the number of WRA Members in the state. Have you and the people you play with ever sat around at your club or a tournament and talked about how to get more people interested in participating in WRA events? Here’s your chance to put your theories to the test! The Membership Committee would love to hear your suggestions, especially if you’ve got some time to go with your suggestions so you can help us put them into practice!


The WRA Newsletter needs your help with articles! You don’t have to be a writer or incredibly articulate. We just need help coming up with news items to put on the WRA website and in the WRA Newsletter. Here are the kinds of things we’re looking for:

  • Information on Racquetball Leagues or Events at your club or in your area
  • Racquetball Tips or Tricks that have helped you to improve your game
  • Questions about rules that have come up when you’re playing
  • Did you just have a baby, get married or have something other major life event celebrate and share with the racquetball community?
  • Reports on tournaments that you’ve participated in or fun matches that you’ve watched at WRA Tournaments.
  • Any photos that you’ve taken during racquetball events


Do you know someone at a news organization? Do you own or work for a business that might be interested in sponsoring a WRA event? Would you like to help us get the word out about racquetball events? Please let us know!

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