The Washington Racquetball Association has put together some tips to help you our when you need to referee at sanctioned tournament. If you’ve never refereed a match, or aren’t very familiar with the rules, or if this is your first time playing in a tournament, these tips will help you out.

Beginner Reffing Tips

* a match consists of up to three games
* the first player to win two games wins the match
* the first two games are played to 15 points
* if necessary, the third game (tiebreaker) is played to 11 points
* each player is allotted 3 timeouts in games to 15 points
* each player is allotted 2 timeouts in games to 11 points
* a timeout is 30 seconds long
* consolation matches are best 2 out of three games to 11 OR 1 game to 21 points
* each player is allotted 3 timeouts in a consolation match
* before each rally, the referee will call out the score
* the server must check the receiver after the score has been called
* Every player participating in a tournament should review the official Rules of Racquetball.

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