In spite of the cold snowy week that preceded the Washington State Doubles, we still had 87 players who managed to shake off the snow and make it into downtown Seattle to show us what they could do. And show us they did! Saturday from about 1 to 4pm matches were backed up 30-45 minutes as division quarter final after division quarter final went to a tie-breaker game, and match after match came back with just a few points separating the winners from the losers in each match. Apparently dealing with snow and power outages for a week brought out the competitive edge in just about everyone!

By the end of the day Sunday, here’s how everything turned out:

In Men’s Open Doubles; Jeff Stark and Lon Bergstrom defeated Vincent Kiteley and Neale Jentsch in a tiebreaker game scoring 11-2 after losing game 14-15. David Croom and Mike Ackerman defeated Dan Pischke and George Brewer to take 3rd place in an 11-6 tiebreaker after losing game two 6-15.

In Mixed Open Doubles; Wanda Collins and Vincent Kiteley defeated Samuel Smith and Yuni Cobb in two straight games 15-8, 15-11 in spite of some outstanding plays and rallies by Yuni and Smitty. Beth Neff and Roman Levitskiy defeated Yen Vy Van and James Kimball in two straight games 15-8, 15-12 to take third.

In Men’s Elite Doubles; Jerry Heilman and Angelo Toglia defeated the father/son team of Don and Jake Birnel in a tiebreaker game of 11-10 after losing the second game 6-15. Neal Heggen and Christopher Cardinal beat Don Wiedman and Rick Meyers in two straight games 15-12 and 15-4 to take third.

In Mixed Elite Doubles; Sue Goodwin and Elliot Crosby defeated Rowena Birnel and Keith Turley in a tiebreaker game scoring 11-8 after losing game one 9-15. Neal Heggen and Pat Lew defeated Yen Vy Van and Rob Beach in two straight games 15-13 and 15-7 to take third.

In Men’s A Doubles; Allan Peterson and Gary Olson defeated Loupe Chavez and Rob Beach in a tight tiebreaker game with a score of 11-10 after losing game two 6-15. Christpher McRae and Douglas Russell defeated Victor Guthrie Jr. and Tristan Guthrie in two straight games 15-7 and 15-13 to take third.

In Mixed A Doubles; Karen Jaskolka and Tom Cronnelly defeated Cathy Epperson and Ty Holcomb in two straight games 15-14 and 15-10. Angie Doyle and Bill Cumming defeated Todd Stringham and Leslie Underhill in two straight games 15-4, 15-6 to take third.

In the Women’s A/B Doubles, Cathy Epperson and Jennifer Coate defeated number two team Wendy Tyus and Leslie Underhill 15-12, 15-8. Second place team Tyus/Underhill played a tough, long match against Juanita Rockwell-Names and Angie Doyle that was decided in the tiebreaker with a score of 11-6 after losing game two 14-15.

Men’s B Doubles was an extremely close division, where every match except for one went to a tiebreaker game; Ryan Matthews and Brian Gillespie defeated number two team Randy Jacquart and Vy Nogin 11-8 after losing game two 12-15. Jacquart/Nogin had a two hour long duel with Adrian Rodriguez and Angeladam Gonzalez that decided second place with a tiebreaker game of 11-10.

Of course, these are just the finals matches, and there are a great many other close matches that could be highlighted.

In Mixed Open’s Semi-Finals where  Beth Neff and Roman Levitskiy played Yuni Cobb and Samuel Smith the first two games were very close, and then in game three Smitty shattered his racquet retrieving a ball off the wall and then came back with his replacement racquet on fire. They came from behind to win 11-3.

In Men’s A’s Angeladam Gonzalez and Adrian Rodriguez played a long, tough match with Loupe Chavez and Rob Beach that was decided by an 11-10 tiebreaker game.

In Mixed A’s there was a huge crowd of supporters watching with barely contained excitement as Karen Jaskolka and Tom Cronnelly came from behind in the tiebreaker to defeat Angie Doyle and Bill Cumming 11-9.

Thank you everyone who came out and played with us this past weekend. It was a fantastically fun time! Of course, we have to thank our sponsors; Gearbox Racquetball for helping us to provide everyone with great shirts to commemorate the event, the Washington Athletic Club for hosting the event and giving our players a relaxing place to stay the night; the Hilton Parking Garage for providing an oasis where our players could park without taking out a personal loan; and Rock Bottom Brewery for providing great food during the event.


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