Kudos to Cheyenne & Will Hayes and there support team for a such a great event!

There were 177 participants that signed up to play in the WPRO tournament. Five from Canada, 2 from Mexico and the rest from the U.S. (with seven from Oregon and one from New York).

We had a big turnout for the Women’s Pro division with 12 from the WPRO and 4 of our own attempting to make it to the Finals. There were a couple of upsets that made the Women’s Pro division even more exciting, as #1 seed Rhonda Rajsich (Fountain Hills, AZ) lost to #5 Kerri Wachtel (Cincinnati, OH) in four games, with scores of -6, 8, 4 and 5. The other upset was #3 Cheryl Gudinas (Naperville, IL) losing to #4 Samantha Salas Solis (Monterrey, Mexico) in four games, with scores of 4, 6, -10 and 6.

The finals was just as exciting as #4 Samantha put a freeze on #5 Kerri in her hopes for 1st place, with scores of 13-11, 12-10, 8-11 and 11-7 to win the best of 5 series and to achieve her first championship, here in Olympia. It was a great performance by both ladies as they played to the capacity crowd.

Other winners in the Women’s Divisions: The Women’s Open division was won by #1 Keely Franks (Euless, TX) against #3 Susana Acosta (Chihuahua, MEX) winning 15-8 and 15-10. In the Women’s Elite/A division the winner was #2 Alyssa Boland (Seattle, WA) in a round robin with #4 Lori Turley (Bellingham, WA) taking second. Women’s B was won by #2 Winnie Brumsickle (Friday Harbor, WA) against #1 Karen Jaskolka (Redmond, WA) [Scores not available]. Women’s C was won by #5 Lisa Jamsran (Seattle, WA) who needed a tie breaker to win against #2 Jennifer Coate (Olympia, WA) with scores of 15-12, 5-15 and 11-9. The Women’s D division was won by our won Olympia resident #4 Traci Nelson in the round robin with #1 Tami Bair (also from Olympia) took second…way to represent Olympia. The Women’s Open/Elite Doubles was won by the #4 team of Vicki Panzeri / Jessica Munoz in a round robin. The Women’s B/C Doubles was won by the team of Diane Baydo and Sally Jo Wickham.

The Men’s Singles was just as exciting as Jimmy Lowe (Wahiawa, HI ) got 1st place, defeating his one time student Sunji Spencer (Medford, OR) with the score of 15-6 and 15-10. On his road to the finals, Jimmy beat Carlos Thomas 15-9 and 15-7 in the round of 16; then in the Quarters, Bill Napier succumbed to him by only three point, 15-14 and 15-13; in the Semis he beat Paul Julbes 15-6 and 15-11. On his road to the finals, Sunji squeaked by #1 seed Jeff Stark in the round of 16s winning 15-14 and 15-11; in the Quarters he beat Tanner Matson 15-6 and 15-0; in the Semis he played against #3 seed Neale Jentsch winning 15-7 and 15-11.

Other winners in the Men’s Divisions: The Men’s Elite was an upset victory by #10 Joel Pelesky (Puyallup, WA) over #1 Favian Elmore (Everett, WA) winning 15-14 and 15-3. The Men’s A was by #3 seed Loren George (Onalaska, WA) beating #4 Ty Sauve (Everett, WA) 15-7 and 15-8. Men’s B was the biggest draw with 21 participants, which was won by #1 seed Joon Sinn (Federal Way, WA) against #2 Bill Cummings (Friday Harbor, WA) with scores of 15-13 and 15-12. Men’s C was won by Olympia’s own Bill Matthews seed #4 who had to go to a tie-breaker against #10 Tony Antone (Junction City, OR) but pulled out the win by scores of 15-14, 6-15 and 11-9. The Men’s D division was won by #3 seed Cameron Ott (Woodinville, WA) against #1 Ryan Penders (Puyallup, WA) [scores not available]. The Men’s 35+ to 50+ division was won by #1 Robert Allen (Everett, WA) beating out #3 Ike Eiselstein (SeaTac, WA) winning 15-13 and 15-5. The Men’s 35+A/B was won by #3 Max Gilpin (Woodinville, WA) in a round robin format.. The Men’s 45+ to 55+ A/B was won by #9 Dave Darling (Gearhart, OR) barely beating #3 Jesus Villahermosa (University Place, WA) with scores of 15-14 and 15-10. The Men’s 35+ to 55+ C/D division was won by #1 Alan Gerling (Renton, WA) beating out #6 Jim Tarp (Somewhere, WA) 15-7 and 15-4. The Men’s 60+ was won by Olympia’s #1 Dave Blain in a round robin format. Men’s Open Doubles was won by the #1 team of Jeff Stark / Lon Bergstrom defeating Paul Julbes / Mike Penders by the scores of 15-4 and 15-10. Men’s Elite Doubles the team of #6 Scott Dickinson / Mark Weissenbuehler won by beating #8 team of Miguel Gomez / Javaid (Jay) Siyal [scores not available]. The Men’s A doubles was won by the team of #5 Mark Weissenbuehler / Scott Dickinson over #1 Dave Darling / Ray Boyajian going the distance with scores of 15-9, 7-15 and 11-8 (looks like Mark and Scott will be moving up to Elite’s Doubles only). Men’s B doubles was won by #1 team of Todd Stringham / Matt Purcell beating out (in their first tournament) #6 team of Ron Tracht / Richard Cobb with scores of 15-5 and 15-13.

The Mixed Doubles division were as follows: The Mixed Open Doubles (MXOD ) division was won by #3 team of Alan Lawson / Jessica Munoz in a round robin, with #4 Tammarrian Rogers / James Kimball getting second. The Mixed Elite Doubles (MXED) was won by #1 seeded team of Daryl Bean / Lori Turley, with Dea Marshall / John Coate of Olympia taking second. In the Mixed A Doubles (MXAD) the winner was #6 Richelle Kulju / Steve Kowalski. In the Mixed B Doubles (MXBD) the winner was the #1 team of Bill Cumming / Winnie Brumsickle, with the #2 team of Karen Jaskolka / Kevin Jaquith taking second.

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