Fourteen players from Washington  traveled to Minnesota to compete in the 15th US Open Racquetball Championships October 20-24.  Over 766 players from more than  25 countries came to the Midwest to compete for the medals.  Washington had an outstanding showing at this tournament, bring home NINE medals!  Jerry Evarts came away with TWO GOLD Medals. He played the largest draw in the tourney, Mens B with 76 entries, and was seeded number ONE!  He was also seeded number one in the Mens 35B.  He is officially moving up to the A level at National events with his victories.  Dan Pischke captured the Men’s 50 Open title with tough wins over the Defending Champion and current National Singles Champion without dropping a game.  Bill Cumming made a run to the semi’s for the Men’s 55C for his medal.  Dave Freed and Randy Jacquart made their run to the semis in Men’s C Doubles.  Lisa Jamsran had a fourth place showing in the Women’s D for her medal.  Jack and Richelle Kuliu placed fourth for their medals in the Mixed C Doubles.  Yuni Cobb got two medals for semi finishes in both Mixed 30 and Mixed 40 Doubles with her partner from Ohio.  Favian Elmore gained invaluable experience to improve his game after playing at this National Event.  Steve Kowalski and Ernie Lehman played a tough first round loss in the Mens B Doubles. All amateur players were able to see history in the making with the Pro matches.  Kane won his sixth US Open title and Ronda won her fourth.  It was a great tournament to participate in and compare yourself to the Nations best players.

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Kayte G. · November 11, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Congratulations to ALL the incredible athletes who attended and came away from the US OPEN with victories….Esp. Jerry Evarts – student of Coach Fran Davis (and my boyfriend!) who had an amazing week at the championships. I loved receiving that VICTORY PHONE CALL Sunday afternoon from Jer while he was still breathing heavy from the final match but smiling from ear to ear as he relayed his tremendous accomplishments.



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