There were 30 of us who made the trek to Friday Harbor to remember Rusty and play some rball. And a great time was had by all. We made the most of the two courts with five events.

  • Keith Turley and Peter Alexander teamed up to take down Favian and Viron Elmore in Men’s Elite Doubles.
  • Matt Purcell and Peter Alexander took down Ron Stanger and Cal Ryan in Men’s Doubles.
  • Lori Turley and Bill Cumming squeaked by Keith Turley and Adrianne Mathews to take Mixed Elite Doubles.
  • Matt Purcell and Angie Doyle beat Winnie and Steve Brumsickle for Mixed Doubles.
  • Joann Johnson and Jana Foss-Larson teamed up to take down Winnie Brumsickle and Lori Turley in Women’s Doubles.

The evening was capped off with dinner and a toast to Rusty (thanks Bill)!!! This tournament has a lot of good racquetball, but really it is about the camaraderie and the chance to hang out with racquetball friends!

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