The 2011 Auburn VW Open was held on October 22-23 in Kent, Washington with close to 80 players. It was a tournament with some “firsts”.

  • We had a dynamic Men’s Open draw of 16 players – (1st: Anthony Herrera, 2nd: Jimmy Lowe)
  • We had the Gear Box traveling bus (very cool!)
  • We had to relocate the tournament unexpectedly during the 1st day of the event.

A round of thanks and gratitude goes out to Benji Doniego and LA Fitness for their incredible support of the tournament – resulting in a great “save” of the event. I also want to reflect on the most amazing part of all – how the players of the tournament mobilized to help out in breaking down and moving the tournament to get it back up and running at a new location in about an hour’s time. Simply remarkable!


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