Over 40 ladies (juniors and adults) met at Azteca Restaurant in Bellevue on Saturday night of State Singles to share dinner, tell a little about themselves and receive special awards for the year from Women’s Committee Chair Cheyenne Hayes. The ladies surprised Cheyenne with an engraved vase to thank her for making women’s racquetball in Washington State grow by leaps and bounds. Her support to beginning players as well as those who have been around for a while is starting to reap the rewards of more women in leagues and tournament play. The candy bar awards disappeared quickly, but the memory of a good time will be around for a long time.

Newcomer Award – Renelle Risley (Dream Bars)
Best Dressed Doubles – Katie Sturgill & Carrie Dubuque (Hot Tamales)
Contributor – Wanda Collins (Junior Mints)
Comeback Award – Mary Crawford (Milk Duds)
Class Act Award – Jeannie Buntjer (Symphony Bar)
Toughness Award – Laura Yedwab ($100 Grand)
Drive & Intensity – Wendy Tyus (Kisses)
Sportsmanship Award – Yen Ve Van (Life savers)
Cross Trainer Award – JoAnn Johnson (Pay Day)
Junior Award – Jessica Munoz & Brianna Ho (Runts)
Most Improved – Kaitlin Goddard (Skor)
Most Creative $%@&! – Vivian Rodriguez (Oh Henry)

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