Some exciting news. As many of you know, though I am involved extensively with running the Women’s Racquetball Program here in the state, I technically stepped down from the BOARD position of Women’s Chair about 18 months ago. Some of the additional responsibilities were more than my young family could bare, and very kindly, the other Board Members agreed to allow me to continue running the Women’s Program with out participating fully on the Board.

The spot on the Board (Women’s Chair) has remained empty, but I am happy to announce that Angela Benjamin is stepping up to fill that spot effectively immediately. What that simply means is that Angela and I will be working closely together on all our existing activities, and Angela will be functioning as our mouth piece on the Board officially. Over the next few months, Angela and I will be dividing some responsibilities between us, which only means even more events, activities and passion behind this Women’s Racquetball Program. I couldn’t be happier to have Angele fill this spot and I ask for your total support of her in the years to come. Any suggestions or concerns you have can always be ran through either one of us, as we will be in constant contact together.

THANK YOU so much to the 40+ women that participated at the Puget Sound Challenge in November down in Olympia. It was wonderful to see so many of you come out and compete!

Recent Play Day at the Pro Sports Club was a TON of fun. 36 women braved the weather to come play endless racquetball for 3 hours straight. Thanks to one special lady from Microsoft, we all got free Flash Drives and t-shirts. Karen Jaskolka ran her first event and did a fabulous job!! We had LOTS of new faces and I was so proud to see the way you veterans welcomed them with such passion and kindness. I personally enjoyed the day and was reminded that many of you are like family to me. Thank you for that!!

Good luck to the women participating in the Kent Doubles Challenge this weekend! Women’s Rball shirts will be for sale and change will be being collected at this event to continue to raise funds for the WPRO event.

WPRO Fundraising Tracking: (Bringing in the best women in the world to WA in 2010)
Puget Sound Challenge: $800.48
December Play Day: $369
Total Raised so far: $1169.48
Goal: $10,000

How you can help:

  • Collect your change in a zip-lock and donate at the next Women’s Event!
  • Purchase a Women’s Racquetball Hoodie or T-shirt (sold at almost every event this year)
  • Plan to participate in the Texas Holdem’ Tournament in March (and bring a date)!
  • Send suggestions to me for Corporate Sponsors
  • Spread the word!!

The next Sanctioned event: The Winter Blast, January 8-10th at the Lynnwood Bally’s. Pat Lew is the tournament director. Be sure to sign up early to help encourage others to participate!!

The Next Play Day: In lew of our Play Day, I want to encourage you to attend the non-sanctioned tournament up in Bellingham. There will be a ton of women there, many new faces and we need to support these Bellingham women that keep coming down for us. This is a great 1/2 step into doing full-fledge tournament. It will be worth your time! Here is the information from Wanda regarding the event:

BELLINGHAM ATHLETIC CLUB will be hosting our second non sanctioned tournament of the season January 29-31, 2010. This is the Winter Shootout and we will have about 80 players participating. We had 25 – 30 women play in our November tourney, and expect at least that many at this event. We will again be able to offer Women’s events in separate divisions: Open/Elite, A, B, C and D. We can also find you a partner for either women’s doubles or mixed doubles. There are a couple of other good things about this event: 1) You DO NOT have to be a member of the USRA/WRA to participate, 2) the entry fee is only $30, 3) we try our very best to not make you play until Sat morning if you are coming from a long way- over 50 miles, and 4) we have a group of women here in Bellingham that are willing to open up their homes and let you stay to avoid hotel costs. You WILL have fun. Look for entry forms on our club website after Dec. 15 or email me for more information. Wanda Collins

Upcoming Opportunity: Fran Davis, world renowned racquetball coach, will be offering her weekend long camp in Seattle with Jason Mannino. If you are wanting to improve your game, this is a great way to do so. Visit her website for additional information.

Holiday Give Back to the Community: I know that many of you would like to “give back” in some way during this Holiday Season and bless the life of another. Well, here’s an opportunity for you. Angela Bengamin is doing a Diaper/Clothing drive for low-income families. She will be collecting new and used items (car seats, clothes, etc) OR financial donations for her to purchase the items. Through her company, she will then be able to place these items into the hands of those mother’s that could really use it this Christmas season. If you would like to get involved or send a donation, please contact Angela.

I think that is all for now! I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your racquetball hobbie!

Cheyenne & Angela

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