As many of you are aware, Bally’s Total Fitness was purchased at the end of November by the parent company of LA Fitness. LA Fitness announced recently that they would be closing several Bally’s locations in Washington state, and it appears that they will be doing the same nationwide. [EDIT: We were originally informed that all clubs would be closing. Several of the clubs are closing, but some will stay open. Click here for the list of clubs that were acquired and what clubs are being closed]

This is a sad time for racquetball. Bally’s has been the place to play for many of our members for years. We’ve built memories with friends and family at those clubs; learning to play, going to leagues and clinics, and teaching others about our wonderful sport. Many of the tournaments in Washington State have been run at Bally’s locations for years, and most of the club managers have been very supportive of the tournaments that were run at their facilities.

With the closure of these facilities, we have several tournament directors who have had to move their tournaments to new locations. Most of the tournaments already have new homes, and the two or three who are still looking have some time to find new locations. Have no fear, your favorite tournaments should be back next year.

The next four major tournaments, Washington State Doubles, the Mt Rainier Open, the Northwest Open, and State Singles, are all in stable locations. To the best of my knowledge, the tournaments on the east side of the mountains, the shootouts, and the junior events are all unaffected as well. We will do our best to keep you up to date on changes to tournament locations as we find out about them from tournament directors.

Goodbye Bally’s. Thank you for some great memories, and for hosting some wonderful events. You will be missed!


Ty · December 5, 2011 at 1:52 pm

What the USRA and other racquetball organizations should be doing is building and refurbishing racquetball courts at high schools and other locations. Instead of donating money to cancer research use that money to build courts. Get additional funds from schools, Bill Gates (he has a racquetball court in his house), and build more courts for juniors. Reducing obesity by exposing people to sport will prevent cancer.

steve paterson · December 14, 2011 at 11:41 pm

we bought 7 ballys in wa. call me to buy all the raq ball assests cheap. steve 714-308-57844

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