For all of you who didn’t get to make the trip to the WOR in Vegas you missed one great outdoor tournament.

There were indoor and outdoor pro’s, and players from all over the world it was awesome to get to know were everyone was from, by playing them in the sport I love, hanging out with the pro’s who stayed by the courts And interacted with everyone and had a great time.

Indoor and outdoor are different in many ways, no ceiling or back wall, and shorter walls, but at night the lights were amazing to play under. The only con was playing in the heat 101 to 117 degrees. Vegas is a different type of heat then I’m used to.

There were word champion hand ball players also, they work hard for there points. alot of fun to watch just as intense of not more so then racquetball players.

Seven players went from Washington. On Sunday my doubles partner Jim and I took second in men’s doubles it was 101 degrees but felt alot hotter. This was a great experience and something I will remember for the rest of my life. All I can say is if you have the time and a little money go next year its well worth the trip. What do you have to loose…its Vegas.

I would also like to thank the tournament director (Hank Marcus) for putting on one of the best outdoor events I’ve ever attended.

Donald Wiedman

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