Team Washington Wins! A group of our juniors played in the annual Racquets Without Borders tournament
against Team British Columbia on Nov. 6. The Washington players were victorious, with
WA scoring 69 team points to Canada’s 55 points. Congratulations to all our juniors.
Look for the plaque on the BAC wall at the end of November!

Here is how the players fared in Part II:

Boys 14-16: 1st – Anthony Schonberger (BC), 2nd – Jake Birnel (WA), 3rd – Conner Culhane (BC), 4th Aiden Landaas (WA)

Boys 12: 1st – Jake Birnel (WA), 2nd – Nadav Dinur (BC), 3rd – Tyler Burns (WA), 4th – Ryan Holz (WA)

Boys 10: 1st – Chris Culhane (BC), 2nd – Jordan Birnel (WA), 3rd – Nick Birnel (WA), 4th – Ryan Holz (WA)

Boys 10 double bounce: 1st – Derek Holz (WA), 2nd – Addison Shrock (WA), 3rd – Andrew Burns (WA), 4th Jeremy Holz (WA), 5th – Alex Jin (BC)

Boys 8: 1st – Nick Birnel (WA), 2nd – Addison Shrock (WA), 3rd – Jeremy Holz (WA)

Girls 12-14: 1st – Madeline Butler (WA), 2nd – Sivan Dinur (BC), 3rd – Hollie Scott (WA), 4th – Chloe Chong (BC)

Girls 6-8: 1st – Paige DeVries (WA), 2nd – Claire DeVries (WA), 3rd – Sydney Penders (WA), 4th – Shannon Culhane (BC)


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