The 2017 National High School Racquetball Championships were this weekend. Hollie Rae Scott and Ryan Penders travelled to Saint Louis, Missouri to participate in the championships along with 391 other High School students.

Hollie faced a group of 22 other High School girls after four rounds in the #1 Gold Bracket defeated Briana Jacquet from Arizona 15-6, 15-2 to bring home the Gold!

Ryan Penders started in the #1 Gold Bracket with 32 other High School boys, and dropped into the #1 Blue Bracket after his first match. After a total of four matches, he placed fourth in the #1 Blue Bracket after losing a tough match against Logan Strand from North Dakota 15-10, 13-15, 11-7.

It’s so exciting to see our Juniors do so well on a national level. Make sure you congratulate them next time you see them at one of our local events!



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