The US Open in Memphis, TN will be tracking the number of players from each state this year. The competition will be to see which state has the largest increase in number of participants from 2007. There will be special recognition in the daily racquetball magazine publication at the tourney, and a special recognition at the Saturday Evening Grand Gala for our state. Let’s get a state team going!

Last year, there was only one player from Washington, so we can do this! A group of Washington players have earmarked this event as one they want to attend. If you have not made it the Memphis tourney before, it is pretty amazing. You will want to purchase viewing tickets for the entire weekend, and spend some time watching the Men’s and Women’s Open matches on the portable glass court.  In a quick survey, it sounds like the following players have committed to attending. If you’re going, and want to add your name to the list, contact me and I’ll get it up there. If you have more questions about the event, be sure and ask.

Wanda Collins,

Washington Players Headed to the US Open in Memphis, TN October 22-26:
Robert Allen, George Brewer, Wanda Collins, Brad Jackson, Neal Jentsch, Beth Neff, Tammarrian Rogers, Brandon Miles.

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Cheyenne Hayes · August 13, 2008 at 2:32 pm

I SO wish I could go!! Few more years before I can travel again. Good luck to everyone who’s going. I hear there is quite a crowd! Go represent!!

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