The 2011 Washington State Adult and Junior Singles Championship Tournament was held on April 7-9 and hosted at the Pro Sports Club and the 24 Hour Fitness Sports Center in Bellevue, Washington. The tournament was attended by 144 Washington State residents all vying to claim the title of State Champion in their respective divisions, and it was our biggest junior turnout ever. The tournament ran very smoothly and on time for the most part, thanks to some careful scheduling, players showing up ahead of time to get checked in, and our diligent and efficient tournament workers. Thank you everyone for making this a great tournament!

There are a few things that make the State Singles tournament special:

  • Participation in this event qualifies players to participate in the 2011 National Singles event being held in Fullerton, California.
  • This was the last chance for players participating in the Regional Qualifier in Gresham, Oregon April 13-17th to get prepared for the stiff competition there.
  • This was the first year that WRA Ranking Points earned at other tournaments in the state during the year were used at the primary method of seeding players.
  • In addition to the plate for for your WRA plaque, medals were handed out for the first, second, and third place winners in Men’s and Women’s Open, Elite, A, B, C, and D divisions as well as the Juniors Boy’s and Girls 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, and 8 year old divisions. A special thanks goes out to George Brewer for donating funds to cover the majority of the medals for this event, and the medals for the State Doubles event in January!
  • First place winners in Men’s and Women’s Open, Elite, A, B, C, and D divisions have their entry fee for their first event at the Regional Qualifier in Oregon paid for by the WRA.

As you can see, there was a lot riding on this event!

As a fun fact, Billy Pruchno, who placed first in Men’s 45+ B’s pointed out he has two artificial hips. He was wondering if anyone else had ever had both hips replaced and win a division in a racquetball tournament.

Here are the winners, in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, for each division:

Men’s Divisions:
Open: Jeff Stark, Paul Julbes, Samuel Smith
Elite:  Taylor Disch, Rocco Vega, Vicki Panzeri
A: Jake Birnel, John Chow, Maximillian Gilpin
B: Charles Coen, Fernando Monge, Bill Cumming
C: Juan Munoz, Sagar Vasani, Allen Leung
D: Ryan Penders, Jordon Birnel, Daryl Douglas Jr.

Women’s Divisions:
Open: Grace Hughes, Jessica Munoz, Cheyenne Hayes
Elite: Allysa Boland, Rowena Birnel, Michelle Medlen
A: Sharon Chandler, Angie Doyle, Karen Jaskolka
B: Hollie Scott, Leslee Underhill, Lisa Jamsran
C: Adrianna Matthews, Nichole Jacquith, Simona Spear
D: Rhonda McInturff, Kathy Allen, Brenna Guthrie

Junior Boy’s Divisions:
16/18 and under: Tristan Guthrie, Jonathan Moore, Daryl Douglas Jr
14 and under: Joshua Gibson, Tyler Burns, Samuel Spear
12 and under: Tyler Burns, Nick Birnel, Ryan Penders
10 and under: Nick Birnel, Jeremy Holz, Jett Guthrie

Junior Girl’s Divisions:
12,14,16 and under: Hollie Scott, Simona Spear, Brenna Guthrie
10 and under: Megan Carver, Hannah Carver

Junior Multi-bounce Divisions:
10 and under, double-bounce: Tristan Ploch, Kenny King, Andrew Burns
8 and under, multi-bounce: Katie Medlen, Zachary Allen, Kent Arnold

Age Divisions:
Men’s 45+: Tracy Drury, Kelly King, Robert Allen
Men’s 25/35+: Jeff Stark, Rich Carver, Paul Julbes
Women’s 35/55+: Angie Doyle, Sharon Chandler, Karen Jaskolka
Men’s 35/45+ Elite: James Shepard, Matthew Porter, Web Shen
Men’s 45//55/65+ A’s: Fernando Monge, Richard Denton, Richard Miller
Men’s 25/35+ A’s: John Chow, Kyle Warren, Mike Arnold
Men’s 45+ B’s: Billy Pruchno, Jim Tarp, Cathy Epperson
Men’s 25/35+ B’s: Ty Holcomb, Michael Field, Randy Sinnot


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