Another state singles tournament has come and gone. We had 74 participants this year, although it was smaller than usual and there were some negative things said about the courts I think everyone had a fantastic time, and enjoyed some home cooked food from Elliot Crosby. Overall the event was a great success and there were some fantastic matches played. From juniors Jake Birnel and Hollie Scott defeating our reigning adult champions Jeff Stark and Cheyenne Hayes in exciting matches to a nail-biting match between Jae Graham and Leslee Pla that came down to a single point lead in the tiebreaker. Bill Napier and Chris Cook played a great match Saturday that had a boisterous crowd cheering for both of them right down to the end. Mark Horrocks and Rich O’Keeffe played a marathon match for an hour and a half. There were just too many great matches to list them all. Huge thanks from the Washington Racquetball Association to everyone who played and to those who showed up to support the players.

For all the results, go to R2 Sports.


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