Eleven players from Washington State traveled to Tempe, Arizona to participate in this year’s national doubles event from Feb. 11-15, 2009. Those attending were Dan Baharav, Wanda Collins, JoAnn Johnson, Alan Lawson, Jessica Munoz, Steve Nearants, Beth Neff, Vicki Panzeri, Vivian Rodriguez and Tammarrian Rogers. The Washington team picture includes two players who are honorary Washingtonians, even tho’ they have moved to other states:  Katy Wood of Alaska, and Dianne Pratt of Arizona. Another former Washingtonian, Darrin Randles was playing in full force, and got a chance to play with well known player Doug Ganim when Ganim’s partner had to back out. Darrin and Ganim took 2nd place in 40+, losing to Jimmy Lowe and his partner in the finals. Darrin was still diving, but not as much as in his younger years.

Some results of the Washington team included:

Charles Stalder & Steve Nearants – fourth in 45+B, Dan Baharav & William Baker – 4th in 65+, Alan Lawson & Jessica Munoz – 2nd in Mixed Elites, Beth Neff & Rafael Filippini – 2nd in Mixed 35+, Tammarrian Rogers & Wanda Collins – 1st in Women’s Open, Vivian Rodriguez & Wanda Collins – 3rd in Women’s 45+, Jessica Munoz & Vicki Panzeri – 2nd in Women’s Elites, Beth Neff & Debra Bryant – 3rd in Women’s Elites, Tammarrian Rogers & Vivian Rodrguez – 2nd in Women’s 30/35+, Beth Neff and Debra Bryant – 4th Women’s 30-35+, Vicki Panzeri & Leslie Pawka – 3rd in Women’s 50+, and JoAnn Johnson & Terry Rogers – 3rd in Women’s 55+

The tournament boasted over 400 players, and the courts were full with great competition all week. Women players were treated to a valentine’s present of a little stuffed Valentine monkey (some of which where left hanging in the shower of a hotel room), and the ASU rec center was, once again, a great place to run the event. Congratulations to everyone who a


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