There were only 44 participants, but they had an excellent day of competition!  Due to the lower turnout, this tournament was converted into a shootout.  Below are some of the highlights.  Click here for all the results.

Men’s Open – Jeff Stark & Michael Ackerman took down Dan Pischke & Ben Crawford in the final.

Men’s Elite – Richard Seiler & Don Wiedman squeaked by Neal Heggen & Keith Turley in a tie breaker in the finals.

Men’s A – Dave & Ben Crawford took first in the round robin, followed closely by Dale Johnson & Ian Burgess.

Men’s Age – Dan Pischke & Richard Seiler took down Bill Napier & Jerry Heilman in the final.

Mixed Open – Bill Napier & Lori Turley took first in the round robin, with Mark Manuel & Alyssa Boland taking second.

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