Hello Washington racquetball players and supporters, just some updates for you all:

1. As stated in a previous email, the upcoming WA State Singles Championships (initially scheduled for next weekend) has been cancelled due to the restrictions and concerns surrounding COVID-19. For those of you affected by Coronavirus, or dealing with loved ones affected, we wish good health for you and yours, as well as our clubs and their staff.

2. The WRA has only one sanctioned tournament left on the schedule this season: The Spokane Club Open Racquetball Event (SCORE) on May 15-17. Rich Carver has spoken with the club, and the idea of changing the tournament into our Annual 2020 State Singles has been presented to the Board and approved, pending lifted restrictions and concerns surrounding COVID-19. Notifications will be sent out via R2.

3. We are nearing our WRA Spring Election Meeting, slated for the end of May. An email will be sent out via R2 notifying the WRA membership of Open Board Positions, as well as the date & location of the meeting. It will also spell out the election process, dates and timelines, as well as descriptions of the positions. Look for the email within the next 10 days, and consider yourself or those you’d like to nominate for a position on the Board.

4. The Board has voted David Stob to fill the vacant role of Secretary on a provisional basis for the remainder of this season to assist in the elections process. Thank you David!

I know we all want to get through this unprecedented time as quickly as possible – I hope to see you on the court again soon.

Be well,

Rocco Vega, President
Washington Racquetball Association
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Jack Cosby · July 8, 2020 at 8:02 pm

Rocco, is it true that only one person can be on the court during Phase 2? Phase 3?

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