Okay ladies~
This is gonna be short and sweet!!

Pam Barnes 9th
Laura Yedwab 10th
Ayrian Moore 13th
Lisa Anasazi 19th
Kelly Gauthier 27th
Yen-vy Van 28th

To all the women that played in the NF Tournament this past weekend. I tried to find some results some where but had no luck.

Every year the WRA Board hosts a BBQ for all it’s members and guests. This years BBQ is Saturday, August 2nd in Kent (around lunch). The park has 3 outdoor racquetball courts too!! Look for more information to come, but mark your calendars now!

As promised, I have attached the most up to date Women’s Contact list for Racquetball players here in Washington. The list should help you find anyone in your area, and what level they are. (If YOUR level is not correct anymore, please let me know. Don’t take it personal, I don’t update those very often) To respect everyone, please use this list for Racquetball purposes ONLY. Thanks!

Here is a link for ranking for the season through State Singles:

I am hosting a series of Women’s Beginner Clinics at the Olympia Bally Total Fitness. These are FREE and available to anyone! No membership to either WRA or Bally’s is needed. You don’t even have to have a racquet. They are designed for Novice, D and C players. Here are the dates: June 24th 6-8pm, July 22nd 6-8pm, August 19th 6-8pm. They are all Tuesday nights. If you need more info, let me know.

Okay, that’s it for this month! (All you ladies that recently joined the Newsletter, this is pretty short!) If there is anything you need help with over the summer….finding people to play, getting connected with someone for a lesson, etc, please email or call me!!

Have a great week!!

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