Hey ladies~

Welcome to the many ladies receiving this for the first time. We are VERY excited to have you participating in Women’s Racquetball!!

There is still A LOT going on during the next few months for Women’ Racquetball. Take a quick read and see if anything is of interest to you!! I apologize if there is anything I’ve missed. I do my best to keep track of things, but heaven knows I’ve missed a few things here and there.

Congrats to all the women that participated in the State Singles and the NW Open You can see the results here: 
NW OPEN: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/viewResults.asp?TID=6320&fromPage=site
STATE SINGLES: http://www.r2sports.com/tourney/viewResults.asp?TID=6321&fromPage=site

Next Tournament
Regionals is being held the weekend of April 16th-18th down in Portland. This is open to everyone, has singles and doubles, and is a great way to get to play some different people at a really nice club. Entries are being taken only through today I think, so if you are interested, go to Oregon’s racquetball page to find the contact.

The next Sanctioned Tournament in WA is the On-Hold Concepts Tournament in Tacoma. This is a Men’s Senior (meaning they can only play if they are 45+) but open to ALL women. Smitty holds a great event, with great food and our only tournament being held in Tacoma, so take advantage of that if you are local to it. Entries should arrive in the mail soon, but you can always access them online at: http://www.washingtonracquetball.org/

Cystic Fibrosis Tournament, in Bellevue, May 14th-16th.

There are leagues running on an on-going basis all over the state and women and coming out in full force. If you are having trouble find a league to play in in your area, please let me know and I’ll get you contacted with the right person.

Play Day
The next play day is THIS SATURDAY!!! Saturday, April 10th from 10-3pm at the Olympia Bally Total Fitness. For those of you who haven’t attended one, these are a TON of fun and super easy going. There is no cost, though we encourage people to donate $5-$10 to our WPRO fundraiser (no donations accepted from first time attendees…we just want you!!). Bring a snack to share, and a friend! No experience is necessary and we generally have extra racquets to lend out. I will be heading this one up. ***I will be hosting a 60 minute FREE Beginner’s Clinic from 9:00-10:00. THANK YOU TO THE 26 WOMEN THAT HAVE RSVP’D. If you are coming and haven’t sent me a note, if you can, please do. It helps me better prepare. Thanks!

Angela is also hosting a Play Day in Yakima at the Athletic Club to better include some of the women playing ball in Eastern Washington. There are many girls playing over there and they need our support. That play day is April 24th, from noon-5pm. Can you say road trip!?! At least 4 women have already committed to heading over. If you would like to attend, but need to join the carpool, please contact Angela directly at: angela31372@aol.com


We created and have been selling Women’s Racquetball T-shirts and Hoodies this season to help raise money for the WPRO event. We have quite a few still left, but we also will be placing a new order for sizes and shirts you have requested. That order will be placed by the end of the month. If you want to order, contact Lori Turley at lsturley@comcast.net. If you have ordered in the past, you might want to touch base to let us know you still want your order. SHIRTS WILL BE SOLD THIS SATURDAY AT THE PLAY DAY AS WELL AS TAKING ORDERS.

As you might have heard, we hosting a Poker Night to raise money for our WPRO event (bringing the best women players in the world to our state). We had 30 people attend and had a BLAST!!! Everyone is begging for more. We will be hosting a second evening sometime in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled if this is something that interests you.

Minute to Win It Summer Social and Bon Fire!
As part of our plans to bring in the WPRO ladies, Beth Neff has offered to host an amazing event. It’s a summer social (dinner included) but with a Minute to Win It theme, like on the new show on NBC. It will be CRAZY fun!! It is going to be Saturday, June 5th, 2:30pm at Beth’s home just south of Olympia. There is an entry form attached to this email (and I’m sure some ladies will be getting together to play ball before hand in Olympia). Mark your calendar, grab a date and come up support our efforts to bring in the Top Ladies in the WORLD this fall to WA.

WPRO Fundraising Tracking (Bringing in the best women Racquetball players in the world to WA in 2010)
It is our hopes to bring in the most talented women in the world to come play along side of us at the Puget Sound Challenge Tournament, November 2010 in Olympia. The whole tournament will focus it’s attention on WOMEN, but to get these special ladies here it will take some funding. Here’s how we are doing so far:

Funds raised:
Puget Sound Challenge: $800.48
December Play Day: $369
Kent Doubles Tourney: $63
State Doubles: $75
Winter Shootout Bham: $244
Seattle Open: $491.19
NW Open: $150
State Singles: $225
Other Donations coming in: $2400 (Thank you to everyone that has sent checks individually)
Total Raised so far: About $4,0000!! (Goal is $10,000)

How you can help:
Collect your change in a zip-lock and donate at the next Women’s Event!
Purchase a Women’s Racquetball Hoodie or T-shirt (sold at almost every event this year)
Plan to participate in the Minute to Win It Social June 5th (and bring a date)!
Send suggestions to me for Corporate Sponsors
Spread the word!!
*A few of you have asked me if there is any easy way to send a few bucks towards the WPRO Fundraising efforts. I have set up a PAYPAL account specifically for this event. Contact me if you want the link. Thanks for the $360 dollars that has already been sent!

We will again be hosting a summer tournament for LADIES only, July 30-31st, which is a FRIDAY/SATURDAY. It will be at the Olympia Bally Total Fitness. This is NON-SANCTIONED, which means you don’t have to be a member of ANYTHING to play this. There will be singles, doubles and ALL LEVELS REPRESENTED. Like last year, we will be holding a Banquet Friday night (included in the cost of the tourney) to hand out some fun awards. Entry forms will be available soon!

If there is anything in the this email you need more information about, please let us know. There are lots of opportunities to get out and involved right now. Don’t pass them by! For those of you who are newer to Racquetball, I know some of this might seem like a different language. Please send me a note with any questions you have.

We are VERY lucky to have the Women’s Program we do here in Washington. We are the envy of many other states. Don’t take it for granted! Come participate in something!! We want you!!

Cheyenne Hayes & Angela Benjamin
360.556.9493 (Cheyenne)
206.854.8101 (Angela)

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