Hey ladies. There is A LOT going on during the next few months for Women’ Racquetball. Take a quick read and see if anything is of interest to you!!

Congrats to the 25+ women who participated in the non-sanctioned tournament up in Bellingham!! What a great turn out!

The next Sanctioned Tournament is the Seattle Open, February 19-21st. This typically has nice draws for the ladies PLUS some of the top Men’s Pro Players in the world attend. The deadline is this Sunday so don’t wait too long! If you want more info or would like to sign up, go to R2.

Want to play a tournament for FREE? If you are a first time participant in one of our sanctioned 3 day tournaments, there is some funding available from a wonderful sponsor that you can use to pay your first event fee and you limited athletic license. This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to try out a tournament with out coughing up the cash. Over 15 women have used these funds and there are more available. You must contact myself or Angela Benjamin ASAP if you would like to do this program and let me know which tournament you intend to participate in. How about next weekend??

One of our biggest Fundraisers this season will be a Poker Night. I’m attending, and have absolutely NO IDEA how to play Texas Holdem’!! Please read below for details, grab a friend (guy or girl) and come join in the fun. Thank you to the 17 people already signed up. Please spread the word to the guys on this. They LOVE poker!

Texas Holden’ Poker Night Fundraiser!!!
One of the big events we are doing this season to raise money for the WPRO event in the Fall is a Poker Night. The Date is Saturday, March 6th, 6pm, in Redmond (Karen Jaskolka’s house). Here is what you need to know:
• This is going to be a BLAST!!
• This is for ANYONE (you don’t have to be a girl, or a racquetball player….me and my hubby are making a date of it)
• We will have GREAT food!!
• The buy in is $40.
• We can only accept 30 people (unless we change venues)
• You MUST RSVP for this event by FEBRUARY 25th (the sooner the better)
• You won’t want to miss this!
RSVP’s for this event are going to Karen.

Our next Play Day
The next play day will be offered Saturday, April 10th from 10-3pm at the Olympia Bally Total Fitness. For those of you who haven’t attended one, these are a TON of fun and super easy going. There is no cost, though we encourage people to donate $5-$10 to our WPRO fundraiser (no donations accepted from first time attendees…we just want you!!). Bring a snack to share, and a friend! No experience is necessary and we generally have extra racquets to lend out. I will be heading this one up. ***I will be hosting a 30 minute FREE Beginner’s Clinic from 9:15-9:45 if there is interest**



Looking ahead
The next Sanctioned Tournament after Seattle is the NW Open up in Bellingham, March 12th-14th. This is a great event for ladies. The tournament director is Wanda Collins and can be reached at collins-family@comcast.net for further information. Wanda works hard to raise funds for the juniors at this event through a silent auction. If you have an item (rball related or not) that you are willing to donate, please contact Wanda. Here is the link to sign up online.

WPRO Fundraising Tracking
Bringing in the best women Racquetball players in the world to WA in 2010. It is our hopes to bring in the most talented women in the world to come play along side of us at the Puget Sound Challenge Tournament, November 2010 in Olympia. The whole tournament will focus it’s attention on WOMEN, but to get these special ladies here it will take some funding. Here’s how we are doing so far:

Funds raised
Puget Sound Challenge: $800.48
December Play Day: $369
Kent Doubles Tourney: $63
State Doubles: $75
Winter Shootout Bham: $244
Other Donations coming in: $1355
Total Raised so far: $2,906.48 (Goal: $10,000)

How you can help? Collect your change in a zip-lock and donate at the next Women’s Event!
Purchase a Women’s Racquetball Hoodie or T-shirt (sold at almost every event this year)
Plan to participate in the Texas Holdem’ Tournament March 6th (and bring a date)!
Send suggestions to me for Corporate Sponsors

Participate in our Summer Socials (details to come) or our Rball Garage Sale in July at the Play Day.

Spread the word!!

A few of you have asked me if there is any easy way to send a few bucks towards the WPRO Fundraising efforts. I have set up a PAYPAL account specifically for this event. If you click on the link below, it will take you where you need to go to send a little funding into our Racquetball account. Thanks for the $120 dollars that has already been sent!

If there is anything in the this email you need more information about, please let me know. There are lots of opportunities to get out and involved right now. Don’t pass them by!

Cheyenne Hayes & Angela Benjamin
360.556.9493 (Cheyenne)
206.854.8101 (Angela)

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